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Sanctuary Front Loading Walk-In Tub

  • Manuf: Sanctuary
  • Item #: 3135FRONTLOAD
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Product Description

Getting in and out of a standard bathtub can be impossible for people with limited mobility and painful for those who are mobile but have joint and flexibility problems. A walk-in bathtub allows you sit at nearly chair-height without the need to step higher than a few inches to get in. Now, you can enjoy this type of bathing even in a small bathroom with the Sanctuary Front Loading Walk-In Tub. Designed to fit where a shower stall stands, this compact walk-in tub offers the same safety features and hydrotherapy benefits of standard walk-in tubs in a space-saving 31" x 35" x 40" footprint. Improve your small bathroom today with a healthy and safe walk-in tub.

Detailed Product Specs
  • Door Type:   Outward Swinging
  • Step Height:   6"
  • Tub Material:   7 Layer Fiberglass with Marine Grade Resin
  • Tub Finish:   3 Layer Marine Grade Gel Coat
  • Enclosed On:   Front Only, Optional Side Panels
  • Extension Panel Included:   Yes
  • Faucets Included:   Yes
  • Stainless Steel Frame:   Yes
  • Grab Bar:   Yes
  • Overflow Drain:   Yes
  • Adjustable Leveling Feet:   Yes
  • Water Jet Option:   Yes
  • Air Jet Option:   Yes
  • Dual Water & Air Jet Option:   Yes
  • Size:   31" W x 35" L - 40 Gallons

Options available for this product:

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  • Size
    • No Image  31" W x 35" L - 40 Gallons  $0.00
  • Whirlpool and Air Jet Options
    • No Image  None  $0.00
    • No Image  Water Jet System  $570.00
    • No Image  Air Jet System  $570.00
    • No Image  Dual systems are available on 26x53, 29x54, and 31x50 units only.  $0.00
    • No Image  Dual Water & Air Jet System  $1,130.00
  • Tub Color
    • No Image  White  $0.00
    • No Image  Cream  $0.00
  • Hinge Side
    • No Image  Left Side  $0.00
    • No Image  Right Side  $0.00
  • Faucet Set
    • Sanctuary One Piece Faucets  One Piece with Hand Held Shower  $0.00
  • Accessories
    • No Image  Inside Grab Bar  $0.00
    • No Image  Wall Mount Chrome Grab Bar (16") - Mounts with two screws  $0.00
    • No Image  Riser Rod - For hand held shower  $0.00
    • No Image  Shower Curtain & Curtain Rod  $0.00
    • No Image  Extension Panel - To fit 60" opening  $0.00
    • No Image  Single End Panel - Tub will be enclosed on the front and one side  $149.00
    • No Image  Dual End Panels - Tub will be enclosed on the front and both sides  $298.00
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