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How to Choose Lift Chairs With the Perfect Fit

Posted May 27, 2013
For people who suffer from mobility or health issues standing or sitting can be painful, if not impossible. Lift Chairs make it easier to stand, sit, transfer from wheelchair to chair, and be comfortable for long periods of time. Comfort is the key so it is very important to choose a lift chair that is the perfect fit for you. 
Size is essential when choosing a lift chair. Manufacturers build chairs with measurements focused on seat width, height, and depth that fit your body type so you have the room you need to relax. Another measurement is from the seat to the top of the chair which ensures the chair is the proper length for your height.
Lift chairs have different positions that vary from a full recline to straight up and every position in between. A two position chair has two major positions, straight and slightly reclined. It is perfect for watching TV and is best for those who do not need their chair to fully recline. The three position chair goes from straight to almost fully reclined, creating a slight V where the seat and back meet, making it just right for a nap or watching TV.
The Infinite position chair has dual motors, one for the back and one for the legs so the chair can be adjusted independently from the legs. This gives it the capability to move in an infinite number of positions including straight and a full recline. Zero Gravity lift chairs recline further than all the others and can elevate your legs to relieve back pressure.
Fabric also plays an important role in your lift chair choice. Most manufacturers offer a variety of fabrics from vinyl, suede, leather, and stain resistant to breathable fabrics resistant to heat changes. Each manufacturer has numerous styles and features to choose from. 
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