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Icon Browsing Explained

We have tagged our products with icons to help you quickly determine if a chair is the correct one for you. Above is a legend for our icons, separated into their specific groups. You'll first need to determine what type of chair you looking for. A good place to start is to determine the lift chair type.

If you decide you want a 3 Position lift chair, then you'll look for chairs marked with the 3 Position lift chair icon icon.

The next step is look for a chair that matches your body size.  We've broken these down into 5 categories; petite, small, medium, large, x large.

If you decide that you'll need a chair for a Medium sized person, then you'll look for chairs marked with the Medium sized lift chair icon icon.

Don't worry if you see a Large sized lift chair icon icon on the same product that has a Medium sized lift chair icon.   That just means the product was suggested to be suitable for people that are Medium to Large.

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