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The Increasing Popularity of Aging in Place

Posted August 19, 2013
As most people age they prefer to stay in their homes.  According to a study conducted by the AARP approximately 90 percent of the people who are senior citizens want to live in their homes and stay in their community for as long as they can.  There are over 79 percent of seniors who intend to stay in their home until they die.  The reasons range from an emotional attachment to their home, wanting to stay in a place that it familiar to them and more. 
This means that there are more seniors who have chosen to “age in place.” To their friends and family members, this means a senior citizen’s home will need to have some accommodations to meet this request. 
Staying in their home helps seniors maintain their identity as well as their independence.  It helps them mentally and emotionally.  Today there are various social activities provided for seniors so many are quite active.  Senior singles tend to spend more time with their friends and neighbors than those who are married. 
As the senior population grows aging in place is will be more cost effective than having a senior stay at an assisted living facility or nursing home.  It is estimated that by the year 2020 there will be more people who are senior citizens than children who are 15 years old.  It is also estimated that by the year 2030 there will be three times as many people who have reached the age of 80 than there are today. 
There are many things that can make a senior citizen’s home easier for living.  Having a lift chair will mean a senior citizen doesn’t need assistance getting in and out of a chair.  It can also provide a variety of beneficial reclining positions when used.  A walk in bath tub will eliminate the risk associated with getting in and out of a standard tub.  There are even ways to accommodate bathroom use with lift toilets and more. 
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