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Lift Chairs Help Restore Independence

Loss of independence due to aging or mobility issues is a tough situation to adapt to for some people.  Fortunately, lift chairs were invented to assist individuals who have special mobility needs without taking away their indendence.  Using a lift chair in the home actually increases a person's independence by eliminating the need to call for assistance whenever they want to get up and move around the house.
Anyone with arthritis can attest to the fact that getting up, after sitting for an extended period of time, is one of the most difficult and painful tasks they have to deal with on a daily basis. Lift chairs help arthritis sufferers tremendously by taking the pressure off of the affected areas when rising from a sitting position.  A lift chair does all the work by lifting the person to a standing position where they can then move about the house freely.
People who suffer from mobility problems related to aging or arthritis are often limited in their independence.  Daily tasks like answering the door or telephone, letting the dog out, or getting something from the kitchen are extremely difficult when someone has mobility problems. Getting to a standing position is one of the most difficult tasks to perform without depending on another person to help. Using a lift chair can eliminate the need to depend on another person to help with daily living tasks by restoring independence.
Lift chairs are similar to a typical recliner in looks, but provide added comfort and support when it comes to mobility. There are many different types of lift chairs available, and choosing the right one is dependent upon the individual's needs. Some lift chairs improve circulation by reclining to elevate the feet, while others simply tilt forward to assist with standing. So, be sure to check out all of the different type position lift chairs avaialble in two, three, infinite, and even zero gravity when shopping around.
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