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"Seniorizing" the Home - Aging In Place

Seniors are once again choosing to stay in their homes as long as possible. With the rising costs of living in residential facilities for the aged, the expansion of available and affordable home care, increased provisions in insurance policies for a variety of contingencies for senior's healthcare needs, and current federal legislation, the door has swung wide open for those planning on aging in place.  
The National Association of Home Builders define aging in place as “remaining in one’s home safely, independently, and comfortably, regardless of age, income or ability level.”
Aging in place is beneficial in that it allows seniors to continue in a lifestyle to which they have grown comfortable and secure.  It maintains the dignity of independent living and surrounds them with the familiar which can actually help reduce the incidence of age related accidents.  It encourages them to remain active as they go on with the normal routines of life by providing some added supports to help keep them safely operating and maintaining the home environment to which they have grown accustomed.  Perhaps the greatest benefit is that it reduces the stress of making a big change so late in life and increases the happiness factor which is imperative to good health and long life.
By investing in some environmental improvements that far outweigh the expense of a senior living facility, the elderly can live out their days in the safety and the comforts of home.  With the advent of home security and emergency monitoring systems, help is just a button touch away.  By modifying areas of concern in the home, they can be made safer and more accessible to ensure the highest level of protection.  These modifications can be as simple as strategically placed furniture to the addition of modified bathtubs, chairs or kitchens to purchasing mobility scooters to maneuver around the house.  One really sensible investment is the lift chair.  Lift chairs assist in getting up from the sitting position to insure that proper balance is maintained so that falls in the home are minimized.  They also can be used for raising the feet or reclining to relieve pressure and reduce swelling on backs and feet.  
"Senior-izing" the home is one of the keys to extending independent living for your loved ones affording them the dignity of continuing self-care, giving them the joy of the comforts of home, and easing concerns over in home accidents.
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