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About Us

Lift Chairs 101 distributes mobility products under our own brand name and also those of top national brands. We have 7 websites with over 14,000 items to serve you. Other internet sites offer mobility products on a single site suggesting they are larger or more capable in some way. It's difficult to say exactly which websites do the most business, but we can assure you we are one of the manufacturers most important and long standing dealers. Feel free to call Pride Mobility at 800-800-8586 or Golden Technologies at 800-624-6374 and ask them about our company, 1A Discount Medical Supply. We have operated this secure site since early 2001, and we continue to do our best to provide you with the results you expect from a top quality merchant.

Significant cost savings are realized when purchasing direct from our website. We include shipping with every lift chair we sell. The price you see is the total price you pay. Our lift chairs are offered at a fraction of the price charged by local retailers. Lower prices enable us to make a profit on volume while making lift chairs available to more consumers.

We have built our organization over the years to allow for immediate shipment of standard products from a group of warehouses in strategic locations around the US. If you need your chair fast we can provide delivery to you as quickly as anyone in the business, unless your local retailer has the exact one you want on their sales floor. When comparing total costs remember, each lift chair's price includes the first year of in-home service, we don't charge for freight or delivery, and there is no sales tax to pay.

See our plain english prices and policies, and then ask the tough questions to get the proper comfort level that you are making the right purchase from the right site. The internet is a great way to save significant amounts of money over typical retail establishments. Make sure the item you purchase is the item you want and at that point you can proceed to enjoy the benefits of a quality lift chair, and the sheer pleasure of having saved as much as 50% off regular retail prices.
Some of the great lift chair manufacturers featured on Lift Chairs 101.
  • Pride Mobility
  • Golden Technologies