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Collaborative Effort Addresses Mobility Issues

Posted September 23, 2013

The Champlain Community Transportation Collaborative (CCTC) is making life much easier for residents of Renfrew County Ontario who have mobility issues. In conjunction with several Community Support Services (CSS) agencies, getting to doctors appointments and grocery stores will be less troublesome thanks to CCTC.

In a presentation to the Champlain Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) board, Alice Grenon stated,

“In rural communities, such Renfrew County, we don’t have a lot of public transportation. So we might very well have a client in a rural community who needs to get to an Ottawa hospital…”

With the collaborative effort servicing primarily seniors and adults with disabilities, the problem of getting around for those with mobility issues is being addressed head on. Twenty-seven agencies in total are involved and provide a streamlined regional outlook for the program which provides a more efficient and affective service.

This regional approach provides a common database that allows the various agencies of the collaborative to share drivers and vehicles. According to Grenon, because drivers will now be able to see easily where passengers are traveling to and from they will be able to transport multiple passengers.

As a more efficient way of addressing the mobility issues of Renfrew residents, the amount of people served by the CCTC effort has double in one year.

Those who deal with mobility issues understand the importance of being able to get up, down and around easily. Groups like CCTC are addressing the transportation needs of those citizens, whereas companies like Life Chairs 101 are addressing the independence challenge faced by many with mobility issues. With a full line of lift chairs, bath lifts, walk-in bathtubs, and other mobility devices seniors and those with disabilities can remain independent and self-sufficient.

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