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Arthritis Sufferers Can Benefit from Walk-in Tubs

Posted June 10, 2013
According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention figures, approximately two in 10 adults living in the United States suffers from some form of arthritis. Many of those people, as a result of their condition, have difficulties bathing. Thankfully, those challenges may be reduced with the aid of bathroom modifications and adaptive equipment. Read on for the details:
Walk-in Tubs
Arthritis decreases a person’s range of motion and weakens their joints. As such, lifting one’s legs over a standard bathtub’s threshold could be excruciatingly painful, difficult and dangerous for those afflicted. For example, the person could slip, fall and damage their joints further while entering or exiting the tub.
Walk-in tubs, on the other hand, are designed with low to no thresholds. Some also come with adjustable, leveling feet. Thus, a person’s risk of falling is greatly reduced. In addition, walk-in tubs may also be outfitted with special features designed to help those with limited mobility. Those features include assorted jets, anti-slip strips, grab bars and handheld, adjustable shower heads.
Bathtub Lifts
Apartment dwellers and others that are unable to make extensive bathroom modifications may want to consider purchasing a portable bathtub lift instead. They are designed to mechanically lift a person into and out of a standard bathtub safely. Most of the bathtub lifts come with large, easy to operate, waterproof remote controls that float.
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