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Common Questions about Lift Chairs

Posted April 15, 2013
Lift chairs are designed for those who have medical conditions that affect mobility.  These specially made chairs simply make life easier for those who have difficulty in getting in and out of a chair at home.  Buying a lift recliner does not have to be a complex process, but here are answers to some important questions about lift recliners.
How Much Does A Lift Recliner Cost?
The more options you want, the more it will cost.  The price of a lift recliner can be affected by several factors like, weight capacity, style, covering, and a wide range of other available options.  A standard lift recliner can cost as little as $469, with a fully loaded model costing $1,000 or more.
Can My Lift Recliner Match The Other Furniture?
Yes.  There are many different recliner styles, with a wide variety of colors and fabrics.  There is normally a lift recliner to match your existing home decor.  The lift recliner will usually look just like a regular recliner in your living room or den.
Will Medicare Pay For My Lift Recliner?
The simple answer is maybe partially.  Lift recliners were developed in the 1980s and became very popular.  The concept was simple - manufacturers who would take a normal recliner and add a lifting device to it. Some of these lifting devices were unsafe and due to the number of lifting recliner claims, Congress decided to limit how these recliners are covered by Medicare.  If you have Medicare Part B, that covers durable medical equipment, it will pay for the lifting mechanism in the chair.  This reimbursement normally amounts to under $300.  In order to receive reimbursement, your doctor must provide a Certificate of Medical Necessity which states that you cannot stand from any other chair in your home without assistance.
Is My Lift Recliner A Tax Deductible Medical Expense?
Your tax professional is the best person to answer this question, so we will answer in general terms.  A wide variety of medical expenses can be tax deductible if they exceed 7.5% of a person’s adjusted gross income.  A lift recliner used as a specific ailment related expense, like arthritis, may be tax deductible.
The purchase of a lift recliner is an affordable way to increase the mobility in your life and protect your independence. No one wants to struggle to get around his or her own home.
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