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Considerations When Choosing The Best Lift Chair For You

Posted July 15, 2013

If you're finding that getting up and sitting down on a sofa or recliner is getting more difficult, you may consider looking into the benefits of lift chairs. There are a large amount of options available on the market today, both in-store and online when purchasing mobility equipment, you may feel overwhelmed or confused. There are some considerations you should take into account when choosing the best lift chair for you.

The number of positions that your lift chair offers is an extremely important feature. Some chairs will have two or three positions and some others will feature "infinite positions." Infinite position chairs have two motors in them that allow the back rest and foot rest move independent of each other. If you want to sit in an upright position and also have the foot rest up, the infinite position feature is what you will need.

The two position and the three position chair require the backrest to recline to utilize the foot rest. The two position chair allows the chair to recline to a 45-degree angle whereas the three position chair allows the chair to recline completely.

Just like any chair, you want to make sure it fits your body size. Keep in mind the larger the chair is, the deeper the seat cushion will be. If you choose a chair that is too big, your feet may not be able to reach the floor when sitting in an upright position. If you choose a model that is too small, you may experience lower back pain.

Advanced lift chair models will have added features such as heated seats, lift speed variations, vibrating seats and cup holders. While some people may not find these features necessary, it may be soothing if you have added aches and pains and worth the higher price tag.

When you're searching for your new chair, compare different brands and models. Make sure you are learning about the details of each chair and you will most definitely find the chair that is right for you.

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