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Continuing your Lifestyle in the Face of Arthritis

Posted May 13, 2013
Aging In Place is not a new phenomenon. Before the current era of nursing homes and hospitals, people were born, lived, and died in their houses. Today, though, it's common for seniors to be placed in nursing homes and assisted living facilities as they get older and lose their mobility. It doesn't have to be this way, though, if the senior in question wishes it not to be.
A very common reason for this is arthritis. This crippling condition typically starts to hit victims once they reach their elder years, and it can completely rob a person of their mobility. In the past, coping with this condition would have required either extensive in-home help or a nursing home. With today's technology, though, it's easy to overcome this obstacle so seniors can remain in their homes, living the lifestyle they currently enjoy.
One option to consider is a lift chair. These devices may look like a regular comfy TV chair, but posess the ability to tilt to a full upright position. Now, getting up is not a problem, even for the arthritic. Full mobility is retained, and the person employing the chair can enjoy their favorite activities without the pain of having to get up and down manually.
Another option to consider in making a home more amenable to aging in place is a bathtub conversion. Many bathtubs can be converted from a step-in to a walk-in design, eliminating the need for stepping over the tub wall in order to access the bath. If that's not an option, there are also bathtub lifts available which allow seniors with arthritis to get in and out of the tub by themselves. Seniors can maintain a sense of independence and dignity while at the same time retaining their personal hygiene habits.
The benefits to aging in place are endless for the senior citizen who does not want to uproot his or her life in order to be able to retain their independence. With a few changes, it's possible for today's senior citizen to continue living at home, even in the face of arthritis. So remain hopeful, and remember--assisted living is not the only option.
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