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Lift Chair Sizes - Lift Chairs 101

As we discussed in our Lift Chair Position tutorial, our site using an icon system to help you quickly browse our site to determine the exact chair that will best fit your needs. You will see them next to products throughout the site.   A product may have something like 2 position iconmedium icon next to it.  That would mean that the chair is a 2 Position chair and is suitable for a Medium sized person.  To better understand our icon system, it is probably a good thing to first understand what the icons actually represent. We will now discuss what method we use to determine which lift chair size is right for you.

Choosing a lift chair that is the right size...

Our system of sizing isn't an exact system.  In most cases we are using the classification that the manufacturer recommended.  In case where they aren't provided, we have done our best to label consistently with our other chairs using; distance from seat to floor, seat to the back of chair top and distance between the arms of the lift chair among some of the other similar lift chair specifications.

Some chairs that are marked as Small and Medium have recommended heights for taller than normal people.  A tall, slender person would be unable to find a chair that didn't "swallowed" them up if  our classification system were totally based on height.

We've broken our lift chairs sizes into 5 categories;

  • Petite in stature and usually 5' 4" or less.
  • Small in stature and usually around 5' 4".
  • Medium in stature and usually between 5' 4" and 5' 10".
  • Large in stature and usually between 5' 10" and 6' 2".
  • Extra Large in stature and usually 6' 2" or above.
  • Heavy Duty chairs allow for extra weight.
  • Wide chairs indicate chairs that allow for a wider framed person.

If, for example,  you decide that you'll need a chair for a Medium sized person, then you'll look for chairs marked with the Medium sized lift chair icon icon.

Don't worry if you see a Large sized lift chair icon icon on the same product that has a Medium sized lift chair icon.   That just means the product was suggested to be suitable for people that are Medium to Large.

Some of the great lift chair manufacturers featured on Lift Chairs 101.
  • Pride Mobility
  • Golden Technologies