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Lift Chairs by Price

To help you browse our lift chair inventory by price, we have broken them up into price sections.  Price should be a consideration in your lift chair search, but please check out our Lift Chairs by Size and Lift Chairs by Position sections to help you find a chair that is compatible to your needs and body type.


All About Best Price

We sell electric lift chairs at the lowest possible prices and are proud of it. We don’t sell books, washing machines, or fill prescriptions, we focus on lift chairs. We have sold thousands of lift chairs of every description for the last ten years and we know lift chairs. Read our article at the bottom of our home page entitled “What Is A Lift Chair Anyway”?

Here are some simple answers to your questions about the price of a lift chair.

Better guarantees?  Local service?  Fast delivery?  Extended warranties?  Trust our store?  Top rated service?  My father used to call the major portion of this stuff “hogwash”.   It’s mostly about price.  The same lift recliner factory and factory service representatives provide the same service, warranties, delivery, and speed regardless of which internet site you buy from.  All these other things being equal the most important consideration will be the price.

The manufacturers of lift chairs and most other lift recliner products understandably refuse to allow dealers to engage in price wars.  As a result you will see the same prices advertised for the same products on any internet site.  Look around the internet and let us know if you see a lift chair advertised for a price lower than ours.  If you find one we will report it to the manufacturer and that dealer will no longer be selling that brand of lift recliner within a week or so.  That is the truth about how it really works.

To help you get the lowest price you can possibly pay for a lift recliner we do two things.  We sort all of our lift chairs by advertised price as illustrated on the top third of this page, and we ask that you call us toll free at 1-800-880-2514 for the lowest sale prices.  You will pay no sales tax regardless of which state you’re calling from, and we will do our best to provide you with the lowest possible price you will pay anywhere.

Some of the great lift chair manufacturers featured on Lift Chairs 101.
  • Pride Mobility
  • Golden Technologies