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Lift Chairs and Seat Lifts Can Help With Knee and Back Problems

Posted May 21, 2013
It is estimated that more than 4 million people in American are living with knee problems. Another 31 million are believed to be dealing with back problems. Both problems may be related to a variety of things including degenerative diseases, motor vehicle accidents and sports injuries. If you find yourself among the millions of people with knee and back problems, you may want to consider purchasing a portable seat lift or lift chair. Here’s why:
When a person transfers from one position to another, stress is placed onto their body’s musculoskeletal system. The stress is caused, in part, by the person’s body weight. A healthy person’s body is typically able to handle that stress without any difficulties. A person with health complications, on the other hand, may find that the stress exasperates their current problems and creates new ones.
The use of portable seat lifts is beneficial in such situations for two main reasons. First, they are lightweight, compact and come in different sizes. Thus, they can be used in various settings with a variety of chairs. Second, they utilize pneumatic pistons instead of motors. The pneumatic pistons help the person move his or her body up and down and redistribute weight. In doing so, they make position changes easier and allow the person to exercise some of his or her muscles. Take a person with a meniscal tear for example. As a result of the tear, that person may not be able to bend or fully straighten one of his or her knees. Both of which are actions needed to move from a sitting to a standing position without assistance. The portable seat lift provides that assistance, thereby allowing the person to continue with some of his or her activities of daily living. Lift chairs provide all the same benefits, but tend to be a bit more comfortable and look nice in your home!
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