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Supportive Furniture for Knee and Back Problems

Posted April 1, 2013
Problems with the knees and back can range in severity from annoying to debilitating.  Knee and/or back problems hinder movement and make even the simplest day-to-day tasks more difficult.  They interfere with sleep, leading to fatigue, low moods, and irritability.  And the pain can drive people to distraction.
Although people should always consult with a doctor about their particular back or knee problem and how to best deal with it, there's also a wealth of information online discussing strategies for rehabilitation and pain relief.  Among the good suggestions for coping with back or knee problems is the use of strong, supportive furniture like lift chairs and quality recliners.
As a society, we could stand to be more physically active and not stay seated, in one position, for hours on end.  But given that we do spend a significant portion of time sitting down or reclining, we owe it ourselves to select furniture that will support our knees and back.  Choosing the right furniture is especially important as we age, and our vertebrae and knee joints become more vulnerable to physical stress and awkward positioning.
Let's consider lift chairs, for example.  If the chair isn't sufficiently firm, but is instead saggy or lumpy, it would put excessive strain on your back; a similar principle holds true for mattresses, couches, and other kinds of chairs. Many people have the same old recliners that "they love" for years, and even decades sometimes.
If the recliner offers only a couple of fixed positions, it doesn't give you the flexibility to adjust to a position best suited for your knees and back.  In contrast, a lift chair that allows for independent adjustments of the back and knees will help you settle into your optimal position.  Everyone's body is built differently, so you want a chair that lets you find comfort and support on your own terms.
There are many strategies for mitigating back and knee problems, including eating a nutritious diet, undertaking a physician-approved regimen of exercise, wearing knee or back braces, and avoiding heavy lifting and other forms of overexertion.  One strategy that can't be discounted is the selection of furniture that won't put high amounts of stress on your knees and back, but will instead allow you to adjust yourself comfortably, with full support.
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