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The Truth about Buying Lift Chairs Online

Posted March 25, 2013
The Big Box Retailers…
What do you usually do when you decide that you’re going to buy something like a lift chair? Most people go straight to Google, Bing, or Yahoo and do a simple search for “lift chairs”, “buy lift chairs online”, “lowest prices on lift chairs”, or something along those lines. In most cases after you do a little researching, most people end up on club sites, drug stores, discount marts, or book stores.   These retailers usually advertise extremely low prices; and the fact that they are very large retailers also gives the consumer security in knowing that they’re buying from a “reputable” dealer. This isn’t always the best course of action. These types of retailers offer virtually zero customer service, so when you have a question about your lift chair, there is no one to talk to. When is the last time that you saw a lift chair actually in the drug store down the road? Probably never. Maybe you could give them a call for some advice on what chair is right for you on their lift chair page? Last time we checked, there’s no phone number on their page.
The Order Fillers
There is another type of retailer that you will also find when searching for things like lift chairs. Many retailers advertise that they specialize in Medicare reimbursement so that you can pay less out of your pocket. This sounds great initially, but the truth is that these retailers simply submit the Certificate of Medical Necessity (CMN) that needs to be signed by your doctor. You will still have to pay a visit to your doctor who will then approve that you can receive reimbursement from Medicare. Most doctors’ offices will be able to send your CMN in straight from the doctor’s office. So, what’s the point in having someone else do this for you? Because of the way these businesses are set up, these retailers basically become “order fillers” for Medicare. When these retailers only place orders for Medicare, it’s illegal for them to discount products like lift chairs any more than the price that is advertised. 
The Taxes
Most people don’t even think about paying taxes when making a purchase. It’s just one of those annoying things that you know is coming at checkout. When you’re buying an expensive item like a $500-$1000 lift chair, the taxes can add on quite a bit to the final bill. With most state’s sales taxes between 6% and 10%, we’re talking about adding up to $100 in taxes for your new chair!
How do you avoid having to pay this massive amount of taxes on your new lift chair? Buy from Lift Chairs 101 and you won’t ever pay any sales tax on any item.
So which one is better?
You know we’re going to say us, but here’s why:
There are is category of retailers like Lift Chairs 101 that have equally low prices as the Big Box retailers or specialty stores that sell books or drugs.  How does Lift Chairs 101 able to match their prices?   A better question is “how can they match our prices?   We sell more, offer a wider selection of quality products, and all at lower prices, AND you get the customer service you want when buying a product you’re probably not very familiar with. Our lift chair experts answer questions all day everyday about lift chairs, therefore, nobody knows more about lift chairs than us.
So why wouldn’t you just go to one of the “order fillers”? Because these retailers simply can’t discount their items any more than what’s advertised. If you do a little research, you’ll notice that we have coupons on our site that enable us to sell you a lift chair at a cheaper price than anyone else. 
Why would anyone in a state like Tennessee for example, pay an extra 10% just to cover sales tax?  We can’t think of a single good reason.  At Lift Chairs 101 you never pay sales tax on your chair. The price you see is what you pay. The tax savings alone make the decision a no-brainer for who to buy your brand new lift chair from.
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