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Tips for Avoiding Pressure Ulcers

Posted June 3, 2013
Are you or a loved one having difficulty standing and walking? Has that mobility issue caused you to spend a lot of time sitting in one spot? If so, it is important that you take steps towards reducing your risk of pressure ulcers. Based on the Journal of the American Medical Association’s reports, the ulcers can form in as little as two hours. Over time, if infected, they can also prove to be life threatening. Here’s more:
There are several stressors that may cause pressure ulcers to form. The top ones, in no precise order, are:
  • Shearing and friction during transfers and position changes
  • Prolonged external pressure of 32 mm Hg or more
  • Poor incontinence care (bladder and bowel)
  • Inadequate nutrition and hydration
  • Dry, thin skin

Given that, incidents of pressure ulcer formation may be reduced through a variety of means. For starters, you may want to adopt a physician approved diet, hydration and skin moisturizing routine. It is also a good idea to invest in a lift recliner.
A lift recliner is traditionally outfitted with soft padded fabrics that may prevent pressure spots, friction and shearing. They are also equipped with internal mechanisms that allow for easy, frequent repositioning. Frequent repositioning is important because it relieves pressure and helps to improve circulation.
The soft fabrics used in the construction of lift recliners may also be covered with incontinence pads. Incontinence pads offer three main benefits to those with mobility issues. First, the pad’s design helps to keep your lift recliner’s seat area clean. Second, the pad’s design also tends to draw uric acid and moisture away from your skin. Third, the cushions will typically add a smidgen more padding to your lift recliner’s seat area.
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