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10 Tips For Solving Mobility Issues Around The House

Posted March 17, 2013
There are many concerns that come with aging, including mobility and motor dexterity. Mobility issues are frustrating and can greatly lessen a senior's quality of life. To help them safely around their home, here are 10 tips to help prevent falls and provide a more independent lifestyle.
  1. Exercise to maintain balance and strength. Isometric exercise and progressive resistance exercise have been proven to help.
  2. Change your doorknobs to levers. Grasping rounded doorknobs is difficult with arthritis. 
  3. Consider a stair lift to make it easier for homes with stairs.
  4. Ensure that doorways and hallways have wide access for wheelchairs, walkers, or scooters. 
  5. Provide grab bars near the bed and in bathroom. This provides support when rising and help prevent falls.
  6. Invest in a lift chair(of course we had to fit it in here..).
  7. Place ramps or install a vertical platform lift to assist getting in and out of the house.
  8. Door and room thresholds need to be low enough for a wheelchair to pass and helps minimize trips when walking.
  9. Cover sharp edges and corners to prevent injury if falls occur.
  10. Refrain from walking in your bare feet or socks. In senior living communities, a large amount of falls has been reported as a result of this.


With planning and preparation seniors can have a pleasant and safe experience at home. Leaving more time to spend with family and friends. To enjoy their life after many years of working hard.

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