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Pride LC-358XL Lift Chair

  • Manuf: Pride Mobility Products
  • Item #: LC-358XL
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Product Description
The LC-358XL by Pride is designed for individuals with extra-large builds. This chair features heavy-duty lift components giving it an 500 lb. weight capacity. The plush seat is 26" wide and 21" deep. The heavy-duty lift actuator comes with an integrated battery backup, and is designed to be quiet and smooth.

The LC-358XL is a member of Pride's Heritage Collection. Heritage Collection chairs give you style, durability, and comfort that you can count on lasting for years to come. The steel lift frame comes with a lifetime warranty and the rest of the chair components come with a 7-year limited warranty.

Pride Heritage Recliners are designed to be the ultimate in lift chair comfort, style and performance. The GL-358XL comes in a wide spectrum of colors in plush fabric and the leather-style Levante fabric to match any home decor adding sophistication to any room. The Pride Mobility LC-358XL is an extra-large 3 position lift chair with a weight capacity of 500 pounds, a foam button-back, a fully-padded ottoman, arm rests and a state-of-the-art lift system. The state-of-the-art lift system utilized in Pride Gentle Lift Chairs will recline you further back than any other lift chair, providing wonderful sleeping relaxation.
Detailed Product Specs
  • Minimum Recommended Height:   5' 6"
  • Maximum Recommended Height:   6' 1"
  • Weight Capacity:   500 lb
  • Recline Positions:   3
  • Back Style:   Removable Button (Firm)
  • Chaise Seat:   Yes
  • Head Rest Cover:   Yes
  • Arm Covers:   Yes
  • Battery Back Up:   Yes
  • Fire Retardant:   Yes
  • Seat Width:   26"
  • Seat Depth:   22"
  • Seat Height from Floor:   20"
  • Overall Width:   39.5"
  • Distance Required from Wall:   18"
  • Warranty:   7-Year pro-rated, Lift Mechanism: Lifetime

Options available for this product:

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  • Color
    • option  Standard Colors  $0.00
    • Cloud 9 Pacific Fabric  Cloud 9 Pacific  $0.00
    • Cloud 9 Walnut Fabric  Cloud 9 Walnut  $0.00
    • Cloud 9 Stone Fabric  Cloud 9 Stone  $0.00
    • Cloud 9 Black Cherry Fabric  Cloud 9 Black Cherry  $0.00
    • Cloud 9 Black Cherry Fabric  Lexis Sta-Kleen (20 Business Day Lead Time)  $0.00
    • Lexus Sta-Kleen Black Fabric  Black  $106.00
    • Lexus Sta-Kleen Burgundy Fabric  Burgundy  $106.00
    • Lexus Sta-Kleen Mushroom Fabric  Mushroom  $106.00
    • Lexus Sta-Kleen Chestnut Fabric  Chestnut  $106.00
    • Lexus Sta-Kleen Chestnut Fabric  Crypto Aria (20 Business Day Lead Time)  $0.00
    • Pride Espresso Crypton Aria Fabric  Espresso  $178.00
    • Pride Cool Grey Crypton Aria Fabric  Cool Grey  $178.00
    • Pride Lazuli Crypton Aria Fabric  Lazuli  $178.00
    • Pride Sand Crypton Aria Fabric  Sand  $178.00
    • Pride Red Crypton Aria  Red  $178.00
    • Pride Red Crypton Aria  UltraFabrics UltraLeather
      Note: 15-20 business day lead time
    • Buff UltraLeather  Buff  $447.00
    • Fudge UltraLeather  Fudge  $447.00
    • Garnet UltraLeather  Garnet  $447.00
    • Pecan UltraLeather  Pecan  $447.00
    • Pride Charcoal Ultraleather Fabric  Charcoal  $447.00
  • Factory Options
    • Standard Heat & Massage  Heat and Masage  $114.00
  • Accessories
    • Chair Seat Incontinence Pad (Sold With Pride Chair)  Incontinence Pad (Price is per Pad)  $22.00
    • No Image  Left Hand Control  $18.00
    • Head Pillow  Head Pillow  $42.00
    • No Image  Head Pillow - Crypton  $63.00
    • No Image  Head Pillow - UltraLeather  $84.00
    • Lumbar Pillow  Lumbar Pillow  $42.00
    • No Image  Lumbar Pillow - Crypton  $63.00
    • No Image  Lumbar Pillow - UltraLeather  $84.00
    • No Image  1 Extra Yard of Fabric, 36" x 30"  $21.00
    • EZ Lift Chair Table 

      Table Top Dimensions 15" x 30"

      NOTE: This item is non-returnable

      Lift Chair Table - LEFT SIDE  $188.00
    • EZ Lift Chair Table 

      Table Top Dimensions 15" x 30"

      NOTE: This item is non-returnable

      Lift Chair Table - RIGHT SIDE  $188.00
    • Upholstery Stain Remover Kit (Sold With Chair)  Stain Removal Kit  $29.00
    • Pride Lift Chair - Non Skid Leg Levelers (Pack Of 4) 

      Non-Skid Leg Levelers are delivered separately from the lift chair. Your chair will arrive with the standard leg levelers in place.

      Non-Skid Leg Levelers (each)  $2.00
  • Warranty
    • No Image  1 Year In-Home Parts & Labor Warranty  $0.00
    • No Image  2 Year In-Home Labor Warranty  $179.00
  • Delivery
    • No Image  Please Note: This model ships "Knocked Down".
      The back must be inserted into the seat frame after unboxing.
    • No Image  If your area is not accessible by a semi-trailer truck, the only delivery option is White Glove Delivery.  $0.00
    • No Image 

      Delivery carrier will contact the customer to set up a 4-hour delivery window. Customers are required to be available during the assigned delivery window. Please note that deliveries are made in a large truck. If you live in a limited access area, be sure to alert the trucker while making the delivery appointment.

      Curbside delivery by definition means the trucking service will park in front of your home and you are responsible for moving the product into your home or business. The driver does not assist with bringing product to the residence. (additional inside threshold upgraded service can be purchased separately).

      Free Curbside Delivery  $0.00
    • No Image  Inside Delivery available for ground level entrances only  $0.00
    • No Image 

      This service is a request to have the carrier remove the product from the truck in front of your home and deliver through the first threshold on the ground floor of the home, no farther, barring physical obstacle. To ensure that Inside Delivery is an option for you, please measure the door to your home (ground-level) to ensure that it is at least 36″ wide (the standard width of the box). If the product does not fit through the threshold, it will be left in the first dry area available. Customers are required to be available during the assigned delivery window.

      Note: Inside/Threshold delivery is based on specific carrier tariff rules and liability. This service cannot be guaranteed. If service is unavailable at the time of delivery, consumer must note service failure on carrier delivery receipt, (e.g.: “threshold delivery not performed”). Refunds will not be allowed without proper proof of delivery with service failure notation.

      Inside Delivery  $42.00
    • No Image 

      Prior to delivery, the customer will be contacted by a Field Service Technician (FST) and provided with a number to call once their product has been successfully delivered inside. After delivery, the customer will need to contact the FST to set up an appointment to have a technician come to their home, unpack the box, set up the product, and then remove the box from the home.

      Inside Delivery and Set Up  $147.00
    • No Image  Deliveries with 1 or more steps or an elevator require White Glove.  $0.00
    • No Image 

      With White Glove Delivery, your Pride product is shipped to a trained home delivery agent in your area where it is inspected for damage and tested thoroughly. The local agent then calls you directly to schedule a convenient delivery time. Cost of service is determined by product ordered and weight. This service is not available for power chairs. Customers in rural or isolated areas of the 48 states will be accessed additional delivery charges. Highlights: Delivered into your home Set up in room of choice – up or down one level if required Product tested to ensure proper functionality. All packaging materials are removed. Please note: Delivery agent does not perform training on product use. Please add 5-7 days to the total delivery time for this premium service

      White Glove Delivery and Set Up
      (unpack, set up, remove box)
Product Reviews
4 reviews 
Certified Customer
Easy Chair
May 2, 2013 2:55 AM
A Little About Myself
The chair was as described.
Service & Delivery
Fast delivery.
I love my chair. It is comfortable, easy to operate, and looks great in my home.
5 of 7 people found this review helpful
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Certified Customer
A True Blessing!!!
Aug 20, 2012 12:42 AM
A Little About Myself
Quiet operation. Fairly Comfortable. Serves its purpose well.
Inside delivery not possible, due to size of box. Left hand control not available (surgery was on right shoulder).
Service & Delivery
Quick Delivery
I am very pleased with this purchase. I only wish the chair was a few inches shorter or I was a few inches taller. Bob Mannino was great to work with and offered good customer service. Other than the fact that I had to ask two men to remove the chair from the box on my front porch and move it inside, and had to have someone move the control to the left side, I love my new lift chair.
9 of 10 people found this review helpful
Did you find this review helpful?   Yes / No

Certified Customer
Worth every penny
Mar 3, 2010 1:20 AM
A Little About Myself
Safe & sturdy
I feel lucky to live at a time when products like this are available to consumers. The lift chair is very strong and very comfortable. It lifts me to a standing position when I want to get up and this helps me live at home the way I used to when I was more flexible. Before purchasing the chair, I sat in my old (standard) chair for hours because I dreaded having to get up. Now I bounce up and down and am 50X more active than I used to be!
15 of 15 people found this review helpful
Did you find this review helpful?   Yes / No

Certified Customer
"Just what I needed, when I needed it!"
Jan 30, 2010 12:42 PM
A Little About Myself
Sedentary & Arthritic
Sturdy & Comfortable
After thoractic surgery, it was recommended that I not use my hands to push myself up out of a chair. This lift chair was ideal for assisting me up from a sitting position without using my hands. It was also comfortable as a bed because of its reclining positions. I simply reclined it to where I was comfortable, put pillows under my knees and head, and slept just great. This way, I didn't have to use my hands or arms to adjust myself in my regular bed. The only thing that I have to remember to do when putting the chair into the lift mode, is to sit all the way back in the chair. Doing this allows the chair to lift me up straighter than when I sit forward in the chair. When I sit too far forward, my knees tend to stay bent while the chair is lifting, and I am not lifted straight up...I'm lifted in a slightly bent position and will feel the need to support myself with my hands on the arms of the chair, which is what my doctor's told me NOT to do.
20 of 21 people found this review helpful
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